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About Heritage Christian School

​ Heritage Christian School (HCS) is a Pre-school to Grade 9 school that is governed by the Heritage Christian School Corporation and is an Associate School of Living Sky School Division #202.  Heritage Christian School exists under the Saskatchewan Education Act and is a non-discriminatory, interdenominational Christian school which strives to meet the academic, social and spiritual needs of students in the Battlefords and surrounding area.


At HCS, our purpose is to provide a quality provincially accredited education from a Biblical worldview.


HCS teachers are Saskatchewan certified & teach the provincial curriculum through the lens of a Biblical worldview.


Heritage Christian School strives to provide a positive learning environment in which children thrive and grow.  HCS teaches skills that guide students in making informed choices, and becoming critical thinkers with a clear Biblical worldview.  In addition, students are encouraged to apply Biblical principals to every aspect of their daily lives.


At HCS, students will receive the same core programming as any other school within the Battlefords as outlined by the 7 provincial required areas of study. These include language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health education, arts education and physical education. However, the distinctive of our school is that our staff seeks to deliver our educational programming by integrating Biblical truths into curricular subject matter. Thereby inviting students to connect the reality of life and the subject matter they are learning to the truths of God and His Word.


Through this distinctive, Heritage Christian School seeks to provide an excellent educational program for parents who wish to have their children educated in the truths of God’s Word during their pre-school to Grade 9 education.